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    I was thinking really hard of what to write for this blog post. I happened to read this poem again recently after sending to someone in the hopes it would help them. The person was grieving a great loss and I thought it might comfort them. After I read it, I remembered that  we all have our own version of grief, these last 2 years. Some of us within the loss of lifestyle and feeling safe, have also lost loved ones. If this is you I am very sorry.  For all of you, take a moment and read, and remember that you can find stillness.


    Mind like the Ocean

    Have you ever tried to swim out to the ocean when multiple sets of large waves are breaking onto the beach one right after another? With each bit of progress you make, another wave breaks and pushes you back towards the beach. You can quickly become exhausted fighting all the waves. You might even tell yourself, “Wow the ocean is really kicking my tail.”

    But the waves are not the same thing as the ocean.

    Caught up in the energy of the waves and our desire to go out for a swim, we can forget the ocean is spacious and vast. It can be helpful to “duck under the waves” when they come. In this way, we can make progress in our swim without getting caught up in the sway of each individual wave. Never forget that, even during a hurricane, the ocean is miles out and miles deep. And underneath the power of what is happening on the surface, there can be stillness and calm.

    So, when your own life seems to be filled with storm, when the big waves of thought are coming in one right after another, remember that you are the ocean and not the waves. Your awareness is spacious and vast – and under the surface you can find stillness.

    Take care, Nancy xo